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For One More Day

For One More Day Book Cover

August 18th: Today is a momentous day. It’s my mom’s birthday! Through an utter coincidence, I happened to take this book up for reading a day before my mother’s birthday, temporarily oblivious to the occasion. Oh, how I love such coincidences! They are little life affirming miracles, dismissed by reason as coincidences, for what were the chances of my walking into a friend’s room in a different hostel on a hot afternoon on an impulse and ending up finishing this book, unaware of the relevance of the next day to the book?
By the time I was finished with it, which was a couple of hours later, I knew what I had to do. I called up home and told my brother to hand the phone to mom. An hour later, I knew I had the purest love any man could hope to get.

Some might choose to sneer at the ‘manipulative sentimentality’ associated with the plot line (and this review :p). Others will relate to the underlying theme, the beauty and complexity of the relationship between a mother and a child and the meaning of a family. It makes one realize how we unwittingly and deliberately take our parents for granted and about the selflessness of their love, simple things really, but so overlooked. The writing style is engaging proving Mitch Albom a fluent story teller, adept at narrating eerily familiar anecdotes.

Eventually, my realization of the injustices we make our mothers go through will melt in the warmth of her hug, it’ll vanish in the crinkles of her adoring smile, immersed in the endless sea of her love. What will endure is the fact that this book made me call mom, which is always a good thing. Love you Mom! 🙂