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I stand at your altar,
Ready to sacrifice a few words,
These outpourings of my heart
On mildewed paper

I only ask for a little

Give me strength to gaze inward
At the concentrated source
Of my ferment,
To stare down my faceless fears

Give me courage to look out the window
At this grey maddening world
And transform indifference into beauty
With the flourish of an alchemist

Give me determination
To finish what I start,
And the readiness to discard
What can’t be redeemed

Only to start anew,
A fresh page every day
A blank sheet of white hot fear,

No, it won’t get to me
I know it won’t

If you let fickleness desert me
Like a gold digger on a rainy day
And let me harvest
That subdued wellspring
Of fertile ideas